Wednesday, June 3, 2009

MHRT Increases Personnel - Patient Comfort Matters

A Committed Team at MHRT: Vastly experienced in the management of infertility, the faculty comprises of Doctors and Scientists who have been part of the IVF team that successfully pioneered the birth of many test tube babies in the United Kingdom.

To ensure that knowledge, skills and techniques always remain contemporary, constant interaction and close association is maintained with the Assisted Conception Unit of the world-renowned Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Cambridge, London, U.K.

The Best Team joins MHRT
The Best Team joins MHRT

Causes for Infertility in India.......

Infertility is a painful situation for both male and female partners in a family. the causes for Infertility could be many but a recent analysis of the various causes has given an interesting breakup.

It is the ultimate challenge and goal for Maternal Health and research trust at Hyderabad to overcome these causes and give that wonderful gift of life to the couples. Some of them are male factor infertility, endometriosis, Uterine problems etc as shown in the diagram below...